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Why Should You Choose Stress-Free Driving School?

Message From The Owner:

You will receive one on one Long Island driving lessons from the Stress-Free Driving School owner. All lessons are 1 hour in duration.  We have money saving driving class packages which includes everything you will need including driving test permit to obtain your drivers license. You will know your price before you start. We will work harder so you won’t feel the need to buy additional driving lessons, we can’t tell you how to spend your money.


Lessons are given 7 days a week, evenings (till 8 PM) and weekends.


The value of the hour lesson as opposed to 45 minutes:

Five 1 hour driving lessons equals 300 minutes.

Six 45 minute lessons equals 270 minutes.

Seven 45 minute lessons equals 315 minutes.

More can be covered in that lesson, we will not just stay in your neighborhood. You will see other towns you are not familiar with. We can cover the expressway (entering and exiting). With our Long Island 1 hour driving lessons and classes at Stress-Free Driving School, we can help you get an easy driving test permit, obtain your drivers license faster and become a safe confident driver with less money spent and no upselling. With a 45 minute lesson you will be talked into double driving classes to cover the expressway.