We invite you to share the success of our students and browse our extensive list of safe and licensed drivers:

Becky Kimkimkim


“Awesome instructor! I passed the first time! (And I had no previous driving experience at all)“

Patrick J. Wenz


“16 passes in a row for Joey v keep it going”

Joe Quinn


“Two words simply fantastic!”

Bryan Fitzpatrick


“Just passed my road test no less than 25 minutes ago and honestly I doubt I would have passed as well as I did if it weren't for Joe! Couldn't parallel park, three point turns were eh, and my right turns were shot. Joe fixed all these problems in little to no time and it was absolutely very affordable! Thanks Joe for everything!”

Alex Coughlin


“Just got my license, couldn't have done it without you, Joe. Thanks a bunch.”

Brittany Kidd


“got my license on my first try thank you Joe you helped me improve”

Lynn Rubinson


“Joe you are a wonderful teacher, but more of a wonderful person. You are kind and caring. You gave Rob the tools to drive. You have made a friend for life. I also must say you are honest from the start and I won't say to the end course there is no end...Thank you more than you will ever know a happy mom Lynn”

Alex Romagnuolo


“PAST FIRST TRY with Joe on my road test”

Doug Rulon


“Just passed road test less than an hour ago with perfect score with Joe”

Yi Wang


“Passed my road test first time with Joe. He is an awesome teacher and very honest businessman. I couldn't thank you enough! Highly recommend!”

Brian Fenster


“Just passed with Joe”

Christina Perri


“Passed my road test on the first go around - Thanks, Joe! :)”

Stephen Provenzano


“Joe thanks for helping me pass on the first time.  You really helped me a lot!”

Robyn Danes


“Thanks Joe for your patience and guidance.  You made me so much more confident behind the wheel. Thank you for all your help!”

Frank Dempsey


“Because of Joe, I passed my test on the first try :). Thanks Joe”

Petruta Toader


“Thank you for helping me get my license on the first try. It was a pleasure dealing with you, Joe and Christina.  You are very professional and you truly stand by your name, making my experience ‘Stress Free.’”

Nashita Karim


“Joe is the best! I was a disaster when I first started, and he helped me BIG TIME. On the day of the road test, he did everything he could to calm me down because I was so nervous. With his help, I got my license on the first try!”

Justin Hogan


“Passed thanks to Joe!”

Katie Stroble


“Passed on my first try! Thanks again Joe!”

John Redcorn


“Passed on my first try thanks to the tips Joe gave me before the road test.”

Jess Michelle


“Thank you Joe!!”

Catherine Jackson


“Can't argue with results, passed on my first try!  Completely quelled my anxiety.  Stress Free driving school has been used by my entire family.  They are super recommended.”

Jessica Biel


“Thanks to the best driving teacher, Joe, I passed my road test the first time!!!!”

Andrew Almeida


“Passed my road test for the first time! Joe was really a big help.  I suggest everyone take lessons with him.”

Marshall Kassman


“Passed my road test on my first try, thanks to Joe with Stress-Free Driving!!!”

Nicole Carle


“Passed my road test on the first try! Thanks Joe!!!”

Jolanta Gasiuniene


“Thank you so much!  This driving school is good. Thank you Joe!!! We passed the driving test today.  Joe is the man!  He knows what he`s doing and what’s most important.  He is not boring during the lessons! Best wishes from Laurynas and Rolandas! Joe, we hope to see you soon on the roads of Long Island :) Everybody be safe while driving.  Just remember what Joe taught you and you will be fine on the roads.”

Meg McGlynn


“I used to dislike driving because I didn't really know how to drive well. Thanks to Joe, I learned how to be a good driver and actually passed my road test! Thanks so much to Stress-Free!”

Eddie Johntry


“Passed my road test yesterday. Joe helped me out a lot and made me have more confidence in driving! He's a great guy...thanks again!!!”

David Palmer


“Passed my road test on the first try, thanks for everything Joe!”

Austin McGlone


“Passed my road test on my first try! Thanks Joe you helped a lot!”

Tom Ruppel


“Passed my road test today on the first try, and no points off! Thanks Joe!”

Nathaly Vy


Passed my road test with 0 points! Thank you and Christina for your help even when it was a blizzard outside you still came and helped me.